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Comunidad Cristiana Misionera Jehová Shalom

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This page will keep you up to date on what's going on at our church. Here are examples of the type of information we'll include.


This section could highlight significant events occurring at the church. An example of this is our recent yard sale, which was a huge success. With the help of over 100 members, the yard sale brought in nearly $6,000. Thank you to everyone who contributed items to sell or their time to make this popular event fun for all.

Church News

We may discuss the most recent renovations and additions to the church. Another area of interest may include changes in staff members, so everyone knows who does what at the church.


Congratulations to the Wilsons on their new baby girl, Brianna.

Congratulations to the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Mike Glover.

Oficinas: Calle Los Lirios 182 Urba Los Jazmines - San Juan de Lurigancho Lima - Perú
Telef.: (511) 389 - 3537       Cel.: (511) 9693 - 9842